Shai Hussain: Scriptwriter


Escape From Afghanistan (Thriller / Feature Film treatment)
An orphaned 14-year-old mixed-race child abducted from his British home, finds himself stranded at an ISIS training camp, where he risks his life to escape from the fringes of Afghanistan and find his way home. Adapted from the best-selling novel Orphan Of Islam by Alexander Khan.

Royally (6 x 22 min / Sitcom)
An 18-year-old Luxembourgish prince escapes his sheltered life couped up in the palace to spend 3 years at a British university to experience the ultimate high in love, friendship and independence. If only he can figure out how social behaviour works. Developed with support from the BBC Comedy Room.

Company Sahib (Period Thriller)
1792, India. In order to prove his loyalty to the East India Company, a mixed race soldier accepts the task to spy on the Mughal governor of Hyderabad but slowly begins to find his British allegiance tested. Developed on the Screen Yorkshire Spark Screenwriting Scheme.


Ironically, my weakest GCSE results were in English and English Literature. Nonetheless, films and TV have been a huge part of my life from – well – forever. Whatever the format, whether sprouting from Hollywood, Bollywood or good ole Blighty, storytelling has worked for me both as a source of entertainment and as an education on learning about the world. And that’s why I became a writer – to entertain and to educate.

I’ve written around 50 scripts since I began professionally writing, which has come to 10 years now. The scripts encompass everything from comedy sketches to a full-on epic adventure set in 252BC Mesopotamia; for theatre, TV, web and film; for Eastern and Western audiences; for young and old. I like all kinds of films meant for all kinds of people, so have no desire to cut myself off from writing anything. With the right research and passion, you can write anything. Saying that, still not tried horror or sci-fi yet!

Below is a slideshow of some of the stuff that I’ve written that’s been produced, some of which you can watch over at YouTube. There’s been loads of projects that have been optioned-then-unoptioned, or reached the final stages of commissioning, but let’s ignore those. These are the ones that made it to the finishing line. More to come…


Shai is the creator of the critically-acclaimed comedy webseries THREE SHADES OF BROWN. The first season “The Big Brown Theory” premiered at the New York Indian Film Festival and has ratcheted up thousands of views.

He wrote for BBC Asian Network’s daily radio soap SILVER STREET, followed by his play REALITY CHECK (with Hollyoaks’ Lena Kaur and Junade Khan) and the co-written RESOLUTIONS (with Utopia’s Adeel Akhtar).

His Afternoon Play TIL JIHAD DO US PART (with Goodness Gracious Me’s Kulvinder Ghir and Nina Wadia) was broadcast to critical acclaim on BBC Radio 4 in 2010. This followed the project making finalist as a feature script on The Big Pitch scheme, where it attached Gordon Anderson (The Inbetweeners) as director. Shai is now re-adapting Til Jihad for the big screen.

His sitcom GENERASIANS was optioned to NBC Universal and he wrote episodes for the daily soap opera CLOUD 9 on Channel Zing. On a different tangent, he developed the road movie script DISCOVERY ROAD for 360 Degrees Media and HEY KRISH, a Peppa Pig-like animated series, which is currently being shopped around India. Historical screenplay COMPANY SAHIB, which he previously developed with the support of Screen Yorkshire’s Sparks Screenwriting Scheme, is likewise on the market.

Following his short script BROWN ALERT making the shortlist for the BBC Fast Cuts competition, Shai has recently joined the BBC Comedy Room 2015, where he’s currently developing sitcom ROYALLY. He is also adapting bestselling novel ORPHAN OF ISLAM for the screen.

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